Let's make this simple 

Content creators (like YouTube channels or Twitch streamers) are able to use my music for free in their content as long as they credit me.

This license gives you permission to:

  • use my music in your videos and streams.

    • monetized videos and streams included!

Under this license you are not allowed to:

  • re-upload my music by itself.

    • this includes audio-only streams/videos, promotional music channels, etc.

  • claim my music as your own.

  • sell my music.

How to give credit

The following information must be clearly visible in your video or stream's description:

My name - Song title

Link to my YouTube channel

Link to where the song can be downloaded 

Here's an example:

Music: Evan King - From Other Suns

Free download:

Buy the song here:

That’s it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask via my Contact page.

Note: any other commercial licenses need to be requested (which can also be done through my Contact page). 

This includes:

  • advertisements
  • films or shorts
  • video games
  • apps